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Gleamlight Green (EACH)

Gleamlight Green (EACH)

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All of our green 6day votive candles come from domestic church candle manufacturers who, with their chemists, have perfected the art of church candle burning over centuries of quality candle making. Please don't buy inferior imported candles or refills made with lower melting point paraffin that will result in scorched liquid wax, candle smoke, and soot on your church and sanctuary walls.

Our greengleamlight 6day church votive lights are made of durable glass with quality paraffin wax and designed to last for 6 days burn time under normal conditions. We do not recommend extinguishing and relighting our 6 day candle because the wick has been designed to ensure 6 straight days of burning. When the candle wax is consumed on our 6 day glass votive candle, it can be recycled with your local glass recycler.

For additional information on green 6 day votive lights, please contact our friendly Church Supplies department at 1-800-652-9767 or email us at