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Pope Francis Thumbs Up Holy Card Laminated

Pope Francis Thumbs Up Holy Card Laminated

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Pope Francis has brought a new sense of hope and love to the world and this is reflected in the image shown in this new holy card. The holy card features an image of Pope Francis smiling his gracious and friendly smile and giving the thumbs up sign. The image also shows the Pope wearing the cross he chose as his official pectoral cross which emphasizes the image of Christ as a shepherd and reflects the manner in which Pope Francis feels he should be leading the Church. The holy card is laminated so can be used over and over again whether as a prayer card or a book mark in a book or bible. The prayer on the back of the card emphasizes joy as is seen in the first lines of the prayer which read "The first word that I wish to say to you: joy! Do not be men and women of sadness; a Christian can never be sad!".

This is a prayer card you will delight in carrying with you and using as it captures the image the world seems to carry of the Pope, that is, gracious, hopeful, friendly, joyful and welcoming. It is a reminder of the faith, hope and love that are the three main ideas of the Christian faith that Pope Francis preaches. The Pope Francis prayer card would be a nice commemoration to have of the visit of the Pope to the United States.

Pope Francis Thumbs Up Prayer Card Laminated