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Sacramentals of the Church

Sacramentals of the Church

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Do you know a small child who often, when in church, asks "Why are they doing that? What is that for?"? This book especially for children will answer some of those questions. St. Joseph Book Sacramentals of the Church, by Lawrence Lovasik, offers explanations for many of the sacramentals used in the Church and does so in a manner easy for children to read and understand. Sacramentals, which are different from the Sacraments, are all the things used to help make faith and religion more personal and inspirational and include such things as rosaries, candles, incense, medals, books and holy water. Sacramentals of the Church explains what sacramentals are and how and why they are used. The book would be a good book for religious education or religious school teachers to have and use especially when preparing young children for their First Holy Communion when they are becoming a more intimate part of the Church community. When you know why something is being used and what is accomplished by using it, especially during Mass, you become much more involved in what is happening. This is true for young children also and they will be encouraged to participate more fully in Mass when they know something about the sacramentals being used.

Sacramentals of the Church Lawrence Lovasik Paperback 32PGS