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Set of 2 Belleek Shamrock Mugs

Set of 2 Belleek Shamrock Mugs

Item# B0144

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Tea and Ireland go together, so don't miss this set of 2 Belleek Shamrock mugs. They're beautifully hand-painted in their world famous design and made of their traditional, white Parian china. The design artfully uses the stems of the mystical shamrocks to adorn these 3.3" high by approximately 4.7" wide by 3.7" deep pieces. Shamrocks embellish the areas above and to the sides of the handles. That makes it an iconic collection piece and one that is symbolic of Belleek's long craft tradition. The Belleek Shamrock mugs make a lovely gift for anyone who is Irish at heart whether they collect Belleek pieces or not.

The timeless basket weave design is embossed on this Shamrock mugs and was first revealed in the 1880's. The simplicity of the pattern was inspired by wickerwork baskets which, at that time, were commonly used both in town and in the country. Every Belleek product is truly an original piece of Irish craftsmanship being made by techniques handed down from generation to generation for over 155 years. Surprise a cherished friend or family member with these Shamrock mugs, life-long treasures.

Belleek Shamrock Mugs: 3.3"H x 4.7"W x 3.7"D; Made in Ireland by Belleek China