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St. Anthony Golf Balls

St. Anthony Golf Balls

Item# 365000

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Ever been on the golf course where you spend more time searching the rough for a stray golf ball then actually enjoying the game? If so, it may be time to invest in the friendly gift of St. Anthony inspired golf balls for your friends and family who frequent the rough. St. Anthony is the patron Saint of lost objects and missing things and your family and friends will get a good laugh out of the golf balls which portray an image of St. Anthony on each golf ball. As they prowl the course, they might just be able to find their golf ball a little bit sooner than later with St. Anthony on their side. While St. Patrick's Guild will send you the St. Anthony golf balls in a protective package so they reach you safely, we cannot promise that they make your family and friends better golfers- hopefully they can just find their golf balls a little faster.

Set of 3 Saint Anthony Golf Balls