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Traditional Crew Aran Sweater - from Ireland

Traditional Crew Aran Sweater - from Ireland

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This modern version of the traditional crew Aran sweater continues a signature Irish knitting phenomenon. Why? Because it's still one of the most beloved sweater styles for both men and women. Plus, Irish seacoast dwellers have worn it for generations to stay warm and now people around the world join them. We're excited about offering you 4 seasonal colors to choose from: Natural, Blackwatch, Charcoal and Fleck. Can't decide? Maybe you need more than one so you have more chances to wear this delicious and traditional crew Aran sweater.

A collection of popular Aran stitches create visual harmony on each 100% wool traditional crew Aran sweater. The classic stiches are: cable, honeycomb, basketweave, and diamond. Each stitch design reflects an aspect of the fisherman's world and becomes a good luck omen for the wearer who was originally a fisherman. For example, you'll see the cable stitch on our traditional crew Aran sweater and this stich symbolizes fisherman ropes. The honeycomb signifies plenty, the is the fisherman's basket, and the diamond stitch is the shape of fishing mesh representing wealth and success. A great unisex gift for any occasion!

Unisex Traditional Crew Aran Sweater: 100% wool; Natural, Blackwatch, Charcoal & Fleck: Machine Knit, made in Ireland.


Women's: XS = 6-8, S = 8-10, M = 10-12, L = 12=14, XL = 14-16 and XXL = 16-18

Men's: S = 38, M = 40, L = 42, XL = 44-46, XXL = 48-50; these are approximate US sizes

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