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Veronese Ornate Crucifix Bronze 20IN

Veronese Ornate Crucifix Bronze 20IN

Item# 500104

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This inspirational crucifix is created in the Veronese style which gives you elegant figures portraying "lifeness" which means they appear ready to walk out of the painting or that a statue is on the verge of becoming a living figure. The crucifix is made of cold cast bronze which allows for greater detailing and then is given a light hand painted coat of pastel colors adding just a tinge of color to the crucifix. Measuring 20 inches high, the crucifix is a larger size so does need adequate wall space to hang. You can see the ornate detailing in the budded ends of the arms of the crucifix and the engraved embellishments running up and down and across the arms of the crucifix. The light touch of color seems to change the appearance of the crucifix when you look at it from different angles. This finely detailed crucifix will be appreciated and effective when hung in a home, a chapel or a church. If you are looking to give a religious gift to someone newly ordained or to give as a wedding gift or to give as a gift to a church, this inspirational crucifix will be the perfect gift to give. Comes nicely boxed.

Ornate Crucifix Veronese Style Cold Cast Bronze 20IN