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White Mantilla

White Mantilla

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A mantilla is one of those treasured traditions that was lost, but is now being found once again. St. Patrick's Guild offers a beautiful, white lace mantilla for women who want to bridge church history with today. The lace mantilla became popular with women in the 17th and 18th centuries and Queen Isabel II (1833 - 1868) widely promoted its use. Today, wearing a mantilla to mass or a special occasion, such as an adoration service, is becoming a popular choice among women since it still signifies a great desire for humility.

Many women who currently wear a mantilla state that it helps them concentrate and avoid distractions as they proceed with their spiritual devotion. Others say that wearing a mantilla over their head and shoulders opens their heart to great peace and protection as they participate in prayer. Our mantilla is a floral lace, triangle veil that measures 38 inches x 19-1/2 inches (at the deepest part of the triangle shape). The lace triangle is edged with gathered lace that lays flat and makes the mantilla easy to wear. It may be held in place using bobby pins, if desired, and the lace is washable by hand in cold water.