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Your True DNA! Winninger, Thomas J

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Your True DNA! Winninger, Thomas J

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In his new book Your True DNA! Discovering God's Gift Within You!, Thomas J. Winninger gives new meaning to DNA and that new meaning is "Divine Natural Attribute". He talks of how everyone has a unique gift found within this new DNA. When you recognize and become aware of your gift you learn to recognize the "Divine intent for your life, release the strength of the Spirit in your daily life and reduce the never-ending tension when you are challenged". You do this by "discovering your gift, applying that gift to your opportunities thereby identifying your purpose. As your purpose is applied in every part of your ife, you will confirm your call."

Winninger feels almost everyone is asking life questions like Who am I? Why am I here? Why do I feel empty? Why am I not satisfied with my success? The answers to these questions have not been found because you have not connected with and used the unique gift present in your personal DNA. The meaning of life is "locked inside you". In Your True DNA! Winninger offers and discusses twelve truths to understanding yourself and finding the life to which God is calling you. Ten "Passages" are then presented to delve deeper into these 12 truths to help you make them relevant and meaningful in your own life. Your True DNA! challenges the reader to "stopp looking at the surface level of success" and to find the unique inner gift that will help you life the life God intended you to live.

Your True DNA! Thomas J. Winninger Hardcover 132PGS

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